How Do Employees Really Feel?


The corporate world is, in many ways, a totally different environment than the one presented in How to Succeed; from gender roles to dress code and behavior, the 1960s workplace seems totally foreign. And yet managerial struggles, namely, how to balance employee productivity with satisfaction, remains as relevant today as they did half a century ago. As this infographic demonstrates, day-to-day life in the corporate realm is complex and nuanced–despite the gleaming, utopian working environments that corporations like Google and Apple have tried to introduce. Here are some of the highlights from the infographic:

  • 43 percent of employees are stressed out by a heavy workload; 40 percent feel their job expectations are unrealistic; 43 percent are dissatisfied with their salary; 34 percent are concerned about job security; 43 percent do not see opportunity for growth
  • Over 550 million lost work days are stress related, and these cost approximately $30 billion
  • Most detrimental is the occurrence of Presenteeism, when a worker is physically present in the workplace, but lacks productivity; 60 percent of workers attribute reoccurring instances of presenteeism to stress
  • 83 percent of employers are not able to accurately guess the amount of stress and anxiety in the work place; 80 percent of senior manager have no knowledge of a formal policy to deal with stress and mental health
  • Happy employees stay twice as long on their job, decreasing sick leave by 67 percent
  • Happy employees are 186 percent more likely to positively promote their company and reach out during networking opportunities

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