A 21st Century ‘How to Succeed’?


bookSuccess guidebooks have had a rich history in the corporate world–Shepherd Mead’s biting satire was a direct response to the many popular guidebooks from the 1960s. These books are as popular as ever today. In fact, this 2013 publication may be a shining example of ‘How to Succeed’ in the 21st century:

Get Your Ass in Gear–How to Land a Job in 10 Days Even if Your Work History Sucks. By Jack Cramer, 2013

The book description, courtesy of Amazon:

“In the next 30 minutes you are going to be prepared to get a job within a ten day period. Even if you have little to no work history, no resume, and no idea where to start, you will still be ready to get a job. How do I know this? This game plan worked for me in within a ten day period.I’m just a normal guy. I don’t have a degree and I’m not a best-selling author. I write eBooks to help people out. That is it. Everything I print has the intention of helping someone out.

How do I get a job?
How do I get a job with no experience?
Where to find a good paying job I can get with no experience?

These are questions that many people are asking. You are not alone.”

The information in this book not only helped me; it helped a friend of mine get a job three states away. He got a few friends on through the same place. I kept answering so many questions via e-mail it was taking up a lot of time. I decided to write it out like a guide and turned it into this book.

This manual will teach you:

How to find a job by looking where your competitors are not looking, they are all trying to flip and bag.

How to fill out 20 applications in a 10 hour period.

Where When And Why, to talk to the right person.

Who to talk to?

What to say?

And much more.

In 30 minutes, you will be ready to hit the bricks with confidence. I hope you are ready.

Talk to you inside,


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